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Interested to join our team?

In your first role as a security officer, you will regularly interact with customers or clients. This can be in a range of different services: static security, bar security, retail security, loss prevention, crowd controlling and security patrols.

Mandatory security training is your first step to progressing in your career pathway and must be completed before your probationary period has been completed.

Training Opportunities

Ongoing paid mandatory security training including the following:

  • Security licenses & offences.

  • De-escalation & escalating techniques.

  • Control & Restraint training.

  • Drugs, Alcohol & Its effects on the body.

  • Policies & procedure training.


  • Employee Health Insurance

  • Business Interruption Insurance.

  • Mobil Petrol discount card.

  • Superannuation.

  • Monthly Paid Barbering services.


  • Quarterly Paid Corporate Events.

  • Weekly social events.

Our Recruitment Process:

Step One - Online Application
The first step to join  Aptitude Security is your online application with the form below, next you will find our minimum requirements for all applications:
  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • PSPLA certificate of approval (Optional).
  • Must have a valid NZ work visa or NZ Residency.
  • Upload current CV.
  • Upload valid record of achievement detailing your education history.
  • Submit cover letter. 
Step Four – Fitness Testing.

A fitness test is conducted across four stages: push ups, sit ups, squats, and beep test.

  • Fitness testing is used to test how the candidate deals with physical and psychological stress.

  • Time based test to see how long it takes candidates to complete 100 Reps of each exercise and finished off with beep test.

  • How long the candidate takes for the fitness test takes will not be the deciding factor their fitness test pass or failure.

  • Deciding Factor is based on how well the candidate deals with stress.

Step Seven – Offer of Employment.

A formal offer of employment is discussed with the Human Resource Manager, and the Senior management Team and finally presented to you.

Step Two – Initial Meeting.
An in-person meeting is organised to  introduce our human resource manager and provide more information is provided about:
  • Our background and services we provide.
  • Discuss the job, and answer any questions you may have.
Step Five – Background Check & Reference Checking.

The Human Resource management does a background check, and contacts any relevant references.

This can include any of the following:

  • Verification of Certificate of Approval through PSPLA.

  • Verification through Immigration or Department of Internal Affairs of ability to work in NZ. 

  • Ministry Of Justice Background Check.

  • Reference Checks to follow up.

Step Eight - Mandatory security training.

Our Security Trainer takes you through your one on one training sessions monitoring your progress once you have been signed off and achieved the set standard you join the group mandator training session.

Step Three – Unpaid Trial shift.

This unpaid trial shift is used to determine if the work being done is what the candidate is looking for, as well as testing skills needed for the job.


Trial Period is to determine the following:


  • Time Management.

  • Presentation in Working Environment.

  • Correctly Worn Uniform.

  • Customer service interactions. Customer Service Skills Displayed.

  • Can the Candidate recognize signs of intoxication.

  • Problem Solving skills.

  • Does the Candidate communicate issues they are unsure of dealing with.

  • Does the Candidate follow instructions.

  • Is the work suitable for the Candidate.

Step Six - Formal Interview.

A formal interview is booked to discuss references or any relevant questions of the job.

  • Formal interview booked to discuss findings of background and reference checks.

  • Any discrepancies to be discussed.

  • Formal interview questions answered.

Step Nine - Aptitude Testing.

A formal Aptitude Test is used as our form of employment assessment.


General testing of your knowledge in relevant subject that pertains to your job.

Our Aptitude Testing uses the Occupational Personality Questionnaire overseen by the Human Resource Manger.


It summarises how your preferred style or typical way of behaving is likely to influence your potential performance and preferred approach to work.


The accuracy of this report depends on the frankness with which he answered the questions as well as your self-awareness.

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Thanks for taking the time to apply. We typically respond to all applications within 10 working days.

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