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Bodyguard Security Service

Reliability. Professionalism. Excellence.

At Aptitude Security, we take pride in providing ab exceptional bodyguard security services to our clients.

Our Bodyguard Security Service is equipped in teams of two security specialists, each consisting of a highly trained driver and security specialist.

Our security specialists are experts in defensive tactics, low profile blending, close quarters combat, and first responders first aid training, ensuring maximum security for our clients.

Additionally, our security consultants works closely with our clients to meet their specific security needs.


Included in this service:

Limousine Security Service

We tailor our services by providing a  Limousine Security Service with our bodyguard services, ensuring that our clients can travel with peace of mind.

Bodyguard Training

We have specialized bodyguard training covering four key areas:  Close quarters combat, Accompanying, Driving and Co-ordinating with Government Agencies. 

Ensuring that our guards are prepared to protect you at all times. 

High Risk Security

With a focus on high-risk security, our team of trained professionals are equipped to handle any situation with precision and expertise. We pride ourselves on our quality of service.

First Responder First Aid

All security personnel are trained to provide essential first responder first aid training to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge to respond to emergency situations effectively. 

Nationwide Radio Communication

We provide reliable and efficient nationwide radio communication for all our teams. Staying connected with our Security Managers at all times with our advanced communication solutions.

Tailored Operating Procedures

We tailor our operating procedures to help businesses streamline their processes. Our security managers  works closely with clients to create customized solutions that meet their unique needs and goals.

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